Barry Redmond Bio

Barry Redmond

Operations Manager - Health & Wellness, Sound Generations

Barry Redmond is the Operations Manager for the Health & Wellness Department at Sound Generations, and supports the day to day operations of the EnhanceFitness and EnhanceWellness programs nationally.

Contract management, invoicing and renewals, class participant insurance reimbursements, instructor training coordination, financial reconciliations, data reporting, Salesforce administration, workshop and event planning are among the many operations duties.  Barry recently created the new website and continues to update and manage the site.

Barry is a resourceful problem solver with a strong IT background and has over twenty years of experience in technical assistance and project management working in non-profit, academia and retail industries.

As Locator Project Manager for the Evidence-Based Leadership Council Barry will oversee and work closely with contractors on tasks related to re-building and enhancing the Locator, as well as manage the data update process and provide assistance to end users as needed.