About the Evidence-Based Leadership Collaborative (EBLC)

Who We Are

The Evidence-Based Leadership Collaborative (EBLC) includes 15 programmatic and organizational leaders, representing 19 nationally recognized evidence-based programs and six community-based organizations that provide evidence-based programming.  The Collaborative has more than 200 combined years in developing, evaluating, scaling, implementing and sustaining evidence-based self-management programs. Our directors have experienced broad and increasing demands for their programs, and together, have taken on the challenge of integrating infrastructures to bring the true promise of these programs to scale.  

What We Do

Mission:  The mission of the EBLC is to increase delivery of multiple evidence-based programs that measurably improve the health and wellbeing of diverse populations. 

In recent years, a number of universities and nonprofit community agencies have worked independently to develop, evaluate and bring to scale evidence-based self-management and health promotion programs for older Americans. These programs address the self-management support and community components of the Chronic Care Model. Although the programs are readily available for adoption by community-based organizations (CBOs), information is often scattered across many websites, and can take a lot of time to track down. The EBLC is working to help simplify the process of selecting, adopting, implementing,and sustaining multiple evidence-based programs. This site provides a centralized hub of information and resources.

The EBLC is committed to:

  • Person Centeredness - Empowering individuals and actively involving them in programs that make a difference
  • Effectiveness - Evidence-based programs and focus on outcomes/results
  • Collaboration - Multi-sector, Multi-organization and Interdisciplinary - Belief that health is achieved in the community, close to home, and through broad-based collaborations
  • Equity - Access, social justice, and respect of diversity
  • Sustainability - Programs becoming embedded in an organization and community.

Our Programs

To find out more about the programs our directors represent, please click HERE or view our EBLC Dossier.

If you would like to find the organizations licensed to offer our programs, check out our EBLC map.

EBLC Directors

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