Fairhill Partners, located in Cleveland Ohio, is both a nonprofit social purpose real estate organization and a direct provider of multiple services. More than twenty tenant organizations call the campus home base and many grass roots neighborhood groups also use the conference and meeting room facilities for their activities. We serve a diverse multi-county population with core programs including: evidence-based self-management programs, a fitness center, a computer learning center, a residential shelter and relocation program for first time homeless older adults, benefits screening and application assistance, and more.

EBLC Programs

We currently provide Leader/Coach training and participant workshops for Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management, Pain Self-Management and Matter of Balance. We also offer one non-EBLC self-management program - Tai Chi for Arthritis. Our evidence-based programming began in 2006 and has grown steadily since that time.

Deciding Which EBPs to Offer

The CEO had been involved in health promotion research, and program and policy development for decades and was committed to implementing programs built on solid science and real world experience. She worked with the local Area Agency on Aging and the Ohio Department of Aging to target Older Americans Act Title IIID funding with a multicounty, multi-program approach that coordinated training, data collection, and workshop delivery. ARRA funding also gave the program a boost in the early years.

Barriers Encountered During Implementation

The primary barriers were, and remain, sustainable funding, securing the right paid and volunteer staffing and building a network of collaborative organization partners. Marketing to attract the participants who will engage in, and benefit from, the programs of course will always be a challenge.

Overcoming Barriers

We tackled, and continue to tackle, the barriers by having: a commitment to stay the course despite obstacles; patience; and a few paid and volunteer staff with a passion for evidence-based program dissemination along with a supportive Board of Directors.

Advice for other organizations like yours considering the implementation of an EBLC program

  • If one doesn’t already exist, develop a champion at the highest possible organizational level for both program development and policy (i.e. the Board).
  • Choose solid, truly evidence-based, programs that address the needs of your core participant or target population.
  • Provide ongoing attention to your scheduling and data management capacity building.
  • Share credit with individuals and organizations wherever possible.
  • Accept the fact that you will have attrition of organizational partners, participants, leaders/coaches, and trainers even while constantly working to retain them.
  • Model self-management and expect it of paid and volunteer staff.
  • Accept that the programs need to be “sold” 24/7/365 to individuals, organizations, sponsors, donors and payors. 

If you have additional questions for Stephanie Fallcreek, she can be reached via email.