Martha Pelaez Bio

Martha Pelaez, served as the regional advisor on aging to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization for nine years. In her work for the PAHO/WHO, Dr. Pelaez focused on building the knowledge base for health and aging in seven major areas of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and on creating policies and tools for developing primary health care services in 28 LAC countries catering to the needs of older adults, including preventive medicine and community-based rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Pelaez currently runs her own consultancy for network development and operations at Florida Health Networks, LLC, and for the past five years she has led the Health Aging Regional Collaborative (HARC) of the Health Foundation of South Florida, which serves as the backbone organization supporting aging service providers to deliver evidence-based health and wellness programs to over 38,000 individuals in that part of the state.

Her previous roles include directing education and training at the Center on Aging at Florida International University, where she also provided technical assistance for aging services providers in South Florida.