Organizations Licensed to Offer EBLC Programs

IMPORTANT NOTE: This map will help you find licensed organizations. To find workshop locations, first search for the program license holders in your area, then contact them for workshop offerings.

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Not listed?
Updated information?

If your organization is licensed by the program developers to offer a program and is not listed, or if you need to update information, please send us an email.  
Changes to the Locator will require approval by the program administrators prior to being reflected on this website.
Reminder: We DO NOT currently list individual workshop/program locations.  If you operate under another organization's license, please check to see if that organization is listed.

  • EBLC is provided with the license holder information by the program administrators.  
  • The information contained in this locator is updated at least 2 times each year.
  • The information is believed to be reliable, but may change in between our semi-annual updates.