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Welcome to Crystal Polizzotti, our new EBLC Operations Manager! Crystal has over twenty years of experience providing caregiver direct service and support. She currently works as a Project Manager in The Healthy Living Center of Excellence, Elder Services of Merrimack Valley (ESMV). She brings significant experience in supporting a network of diverse community organizations and stakeholders, meeting the needs of multiple funders and working with developers and trainers. We are thrilled to welcome Crystal aboard the EBLC team and so appreciative that ESMV is willing to share her energy with us!

Welcome to Barry Redmond, our new EBLC Locator Project Manager! Barry has over twenty years of experience in technical assistance and project management work. He currently work as the Operations Manager for Project Enhance, Sound Generations. Barry is a resourceful problem solver and supports the day to day operations of the EnhanceFitness and EnhanceWellness programs nationally.  We are excited to have Barry serving as an independent consultant on the EBLC team! 

We are grateful for the work of Serena Weisner these last few years as EBLC Operations Manager. She has advanced our work in so many areas!  We also are so glad that we will continue to work alongside Serena as she supports other clients who are also EBLC partners in increasing the reach of evidence-based programs.

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